The San Francisco Bay Area’s best Chicago style, deep dish gourmet pizza. 7 days a week!

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Two Locations

Pizz’a Chicago Palo Alto
4115 El Camino Real
Pizz’a Chicago San Jose
155 W. San Fernando
Pizz’a Chicago located 1576 Halford Ave in Santa Clara is under another management

What sets Pizz’a Chicago apart from the other deep dish pizza places is our CRUST. We took the Chicago deep dish pizza pan and put a crust in it that is completely different than any crust you’ll find. Our crust still uses corn meal like the best Chicago pizzas do, but it’s lighter, less heavy. Our crust is crunchy on the outside, yet light and fluffy inside. The other choice we make that sets us apart, is that we use very HIGH QUALITY INGREDIENTS on our pizza. Our cheese is the best mozzarella on the market, we grate fresh parmesan at your table, and our sauce is made without preservatives. Because of this, our pizza costs a little more, but we think you’ll find the difference is worth it. And if you ever find anything that falls short of your expectations, we are committed to do whatever we can to ensure you are satisfied because we want you back again and again. We hope you enjoy the most unique crust with the highest quality ingredients of any deep dish pizza place in the Bay Area.

Sustainable Living

We strive to make choices at Pizz’a Chicago that contribute to a more sustainable lifestyle and a healthier diet for our guests. Read more…

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About Us

How it began….

I spent my early years of the late sixties in the northern most neighborhood of Chicago Read the whole story

Top 10

10. If you don't, we'll hold our breath
until you do.

9. You've always got a friend here.

8. We keep hoping that his Airness will
eat here; you wouldn't want to miss
that would you?

7. We let you talk with your mouth full.

6. Your mother would want you to.

5.This might be the closest you ever
get to Chicago!

4. We need the money.

3. You'll have an alluring, sexy glow
after eating one of our pizzas.

2. We might even name a pizza after

1. Hey, Glen Campbell ate here, shouldn't

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  • Voted “Best Pizza” by- San Jose Metro & three years in a row 2005 – 2007!

  • Voted “Best Pizza”-San Jose Mercury News

  • Voted “Best Pizza” by the readers of the Palo Alto Weekly

  • Rated *** by David Beck of the  San Jose Mercury News

  • Rated *** by Sheila Himmel of the San Jose Mercury News

  • Highly Rated by Scott Fisher of the San Jose Mercury News